Tech Plate - 42pc Mounting Hardware Kit - Blue-BuiltRight Industries

There’s no limit to how you might mount your BuiltRight Tech Plates, but we thought we’d design a kit that would save you a trip to the hardware store and offer a super clean installation. Each kit includes the following:

– 6x Anodized Aluminum Spacer - 3/8”
– 6x Anodized Aluminum Spacer - 5/8”
– 6x Anodized Aluminum Countersunk Washer
– 6x Stainless Steel Machine Screw - #12 x 1-1/2” Length
– 6x Stainless Steel Washer - #12
– 6x Stainless Steel Locking Nut - #12
– 6x Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screw - #12

The countersunk washers are designed to accommodate most #12 and 1/4” flat head hardware and the included spacers can be stacked and configured however you need, regardless of whether or not you’re mounting to a flat surface.


BuiltRight Tech Plates

Engineering & Manufacturing

– 100% Stainless Steel Hardware
– Custom Billet Aluminum Spacers
– Custom Billet Aluminum Countersunk Washers
– Black Hard Anodized Finish


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Tech Plate - 42pc Mounting Hardware Kit - Blue

Whether you mount the Tech Plate to the utility bed of your truck, the door of your gun safe, the wall of your garage or the cargo area of your police cruiser, you'll need hardware to do it. Our custom kits include billet aluminum spacers in two lengths as well as a handful of fully stainless hardware.


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