F-150 Rear Seat Release

Unlock the hidden storage behind the rear seat back of your F-150.

When Ford engineers put the finishing touches on your F-150, they neglected to provide a method with which you can quickly and easily access the space behind the rear driver's side and center seats. The latch is present, but reaching it is a challenge.

Enter BuiltRight Industries. Our goal was to create an inexpensive, simple, robust, factory-finish product that would allow users to fold down the rear seat and unlock a secret storage area. This becomes a discrete place to store first aid kits, jumper cables, roadside emergency supplies or firearms.

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Design and Materials

The BuiltRight Industries Rear Seat Release is designed and manufactured entirely in the United States. The strap retention bracket is laser cut and CNC bent from 16ga steel and then black zinc coated to prevent corrosion and provide a factory-like appearance.

Each pull strap starts with a small bracket that's been CNC cut using 90,000psi of water pressure and then tumble deburred and hard anodized for an attractive, durable finish. Finally, a nylon strap is carefully hand sewn to each bracket. Our 1958 Singer 404 sewing machine says hi.

Customer Testimonials

Dave from PA- "Pretty fricken sweet" - Dave installed a pair of BuiltRight Rear Seat Release kits in his 2011 F-150 Platinum Supercrew to add discrete storage for his tools and rifle when transporting them.

Lee from Wayne, NJ - "Anyone who has tried to fold down the rear seats of their F150 could use this solution!" - Lee installed a BuiltRight Rear Seat Release in his 2017 Ford Raptor to access the extra storage behind his driver's side seat.

Rick from Republic, MO - "Hats off to BuiltRight Industries" - Rick installed a pair of Rear Seat Release kits on his 12th gen F-150 to replace the zip ties that he had previously been using as pull cords.