Truck Highlights of TORR's Fiesta at The FIRM

There were a ton of trucks that stood out to us during The Off-Road Revolution's Fiesta at The FIRM in Stake, FL at the Florida International Rally and Motorsport Park. But there were a few trucks that we really connected with and were able to spend some time learning about. Many of the vehicles out there were running our Dash Mounts, Bedside Racks, and our universal Velcro MOLLE Panels. We can’t thank these guys enough for their hospitality over the weekend and for giving us tours of their trucks and rides on the track. We really got an opportunity to see how TORR gets down and how our products are keeping essential gear secured off-road! I know I’m missing a few of the fellas, but Brian, Chris, Bobby, Steve, Tito, Wick, Tor, the KHC guys and everyone else involved in making this event happen gave us a warm welcome and made Northeastern Florida feel like home. Check out some of our favorites below!

Brian's Gen2 Raptor

Chris's Gen2 Raptor

Wick's Gen3 Raptor

Tor's Bronco Raptor

Steve's Overland Expedition Family Rig 

Tito's Gen2 Raptor

Bobby's Raptor Swapped F-150

KHC Off-Road & Performance's Gen2 Raptor

Brad's TRX


Thanks again to these guys and The Off-Road Revolution! Watch our full recap video here, and watch our truck highlight video below!

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