Preparing our 2024 Raptor for More Power

This past week Matt started making some upgrades under the hood of our 2024 Ford Raptor Build! We installed COBB Tuning's gorgeous carbon fiber scoop, air intake and coolant reservoir cover, their factory location front mount intercooler and Turbosmart's incredible vent-to-atmosphere blow off valve

This combination has proven much more reliable under hard use and abuse than the OEM system, and considering our future plans for this truck we'll need all the help we can get! We loved how this setup performed on our 2023 Raptor, and we couldn't wait to get it installed on the 2024.

These upgrades absolutely transform the sound of Ford's High Output 3.5L EcoBoost engine. While we obviously love the feel of a thunderous growling V8, when Ford's twin turbo six can truly breathe through this scoop, intake, intercooler and blow off valve we can't stop smiling.

The install was a breeze and we were wrapped up in under an hour and a half with minimal frustration or mishaps. COBB and Turbosmart have made it ridiculously easy to modify your vehicle, reinforcing your setup so that your motor can reliably make more power.

Learn more about COBB Tuning's Redline Carbon Fiber series for Ford EcoBoost F-150/Raptor by clicking here. Check out Turbosmart's Vee Port EM Blow Off Valve for F-150/Raptor by clicking here. Huge thanks to these guys for helping us get this truck ready for life as a rowdy daily off-roader. The next time you're looking for go-fast parts for your rig, you know where to look!
As expected, Matt greatly prefers the sound of the engine with the carbon intake and vent-to-atmosphere blow off valve versus the OEM system - partially due to his boosted sport-compact/Subaru nostalgia, and partially because it just sounds so freakin' cool. Performance and power numbers aside, we love these modifications because of how they enhance the Raptor's driving experience.
Watch Matt zip through installing these parts and our test drive below!

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