First Impressions - 2022 Ford Maverick

To design the best mounting solutions in the industry it helps to have your own trucks to prototype with. It’s no secret we’re big fans of Ford so it shouldn’t surprise you that we’ve had the new Ford Maverick on order. After months of waiting (our order was placed June 2021), she’s finally here and we are beyond excited for this little truck.

2022 Ford Maverick XLT 

Our 2022 Ford Maverick XLT is equipped with the FX4 Off-Road Package and a 2.0L Ecoboost engine. We’re a sucker for gray so naturally we picked Carbonized Gray paint, which comes with Navy Pier/Medium Slate cloth seats.
Here’s our first impressions (she’s less than a week old!):
Matt B:
“Right off the bat the Maverick is a great value. The truck offers a lot of features for the price. The bed is surprisingly useful with multiple tie down options and cubbies. The interior is spacious, has lots of cup holders and areas to store gear. It’s really not trucky at all, it drives like a sedan. In fact, it’s pretty fun to drive. Overall, I am intrigued and excited to start developing products for it.”

Interior 2022 Ford Maverick


Matt H:
"I feel like Ford had the urban crossover SUV owner in mind when they brought this truck to market. It bridges the gap from an SUV, where you can't toss a load of dirt into the back for a weekend project. Its size is appropriate for making it in and out of busy parking lots and maneuverable enough for a poorly maintained fire road in the woods. It seems that in time it will prove that what it lacks in towing capacity and grunt is made up for in agility."

Wheels 2022 Ford Maverick

“From a 10,000 foot view, this truck was very thoughtfully designed. The modular components leave a lot of room for customizing and aftermarket parts, such as the Ford Integrated Tether System (FITS). I also like that they have built the Maverick as a unibody as opposed to body on frame. It really does improve the ride, giving it less of a truck and more of a car feel.”

Back Seat 2022 Ford Maverick

"The Maverick is small but still keeps a truck feel. The interior has exceeded my expectations in every way. The truck bed is also surprisingly large, in fact, I think a lot of people will buy this as a truck rather than a car with truck capabilities. The one thing I wish Ford had done was offer it 4x4 as opposed to All Wheel Drive.  With 4x4, paired with a locker, this could be a great little off-road vehicle. I am really excited to start developing accessories for this."

Bed 2022 Ford Maverick

“Sitting in the driver’s seat, I feel like I am in a sedan. The interior offers loads of cubbies for storage that are easily accessible while driving. The materials echo a rugged feel that assures me this car will be easy to clean. I think my only complaint, being a smaller person, is the center arm rest is small and lacks adjustment.  As an added bonus to anyone who may have kids, there are lower car seat anchors on the outboard seats and top tethers behind all three second row seats. I’m excited to get to know this little truck a bit better.”

Front 2022 Ford Maverick

We all agree that this truck is a great alternative to someone who might consider something like a Subaru Crosstrek. This vehicle feels like a car but offers the functionality of a truck. The truck bed set up will be exciting to explore and develop products for as there are tons of accessory opportunities.

On a playful note, we are torn between wanting to lower the Maverick and turn it into a street truck versus lifting it and making it an adventure vehicle. What would you do? Let us know in the comments!

Yours truly,


  • Bradley J Fern

    My daughter has a 2022 XL, AWD Ecoboost. I get to drive it once in a while and I agree it drives like a sedan. We’ve added a hitch and found some XLT wheels and those wheels really dressed it up nicely. In our climate, lowering that truck would be a bad decision since piling through snowdrifts is what these things are good at. Go for the lift and maybe a roll bar and come KC lights LOL! Cruise control would be nice; unbelievable you had to pay the $5000 upcharge to XLT to get the option on the order sheet.

  • Victor M. Arvelo

    Love my Maverick! Would love to have a dash mount to be able to have an action camera and phone mounts.

  • Raymond Joseph Carrara

    Awesome looking Vehicle. Not really into these types of vehicles or any kind of SUV. Frame and body truck or a muscle car, that’s what tweeks my interest. Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, Chevy Silverado or a Ford F150. Stuff like the Avalanche and honda ridgeline (notice it didn’t even earn upper case letters). These vehicles are gimmicks for soccer moms and men that are lacking in testosterone. Have fun with your new what ever it is. I hope it doesn’t change you.

  • Clifford Crise

    Turn it into a little goat truck. Not a monster, just enough to navigate moderate off road situations that 90% of the population currently head out to. Don’t go overboard with the accessories or lift, add enough lighting to help set up camp or get to that out of the way spot only you know about, but keep it a ‘daily’ as the majority of us do.

  • Danny

    It’s handy Ford included cup holders on the tailgate. So you can drink a soda while waiting for the tow truck. The last Ford truck I had went to the shop 12 times for the same problem and never did get fixed.

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