Brainstorming + Prototyping Composite MOLLE Panels

Matt Designing the Composite MOLLE Panel on a Whiteboard

This past week, we brainstormed and experimented with designs for a BuiltRight first - plastic MOLLE panels… a tool that would make transporting your larger everyday carry items MUCH easier. And don’t let the term ‘plastic’ sway you, we’re not in the market of making flimsy storage solutions. These functional, lightweight panels will be injection-molded out of a glass fiber-reinforced nylon composite, just like some of our smaller plastic components like spacers, mounting blocks, etc. Follow along in the episode below as Matt designs, 3D prints and experiments with a prototype of this panel!


Matt points out features on our Composite MOLLE Panel CAD drawing

We decided to 3D print a corner of this panel in order to test functionality, and it worked perfectly as a light-duty, everyday carry (EDC) organizational tool. While we did attempt to plasma cut an example of this panel from steel, the design file did not convert properly and the print became trapped in the outer sheet, nonetheless we were able to see the practicality of the size of the panel, and confirm our theory that creating this product from an advanced composite is a much more realistic than cutting it from metal. 

3D printed MOLLE Panel securely holding box cutter and Leatherman

While this MOLLE panel is still in the prototyping phase, we are keen on making these functional tools a reality so you can keep your light-duty items handy and EDC organized. If you are interested in learning more about this product, have any questions or would simply like to pass along feedback, please reach out through social media or by emailing us at

Watch the full Building BuiltRight Episode below!

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