Black Friday & The Grind

For those of you who have been customers for a bit know that we don’t hold sales throughout the year. Black Friday is THE sale for us. And to say its an exciting time doesn’t even come close. It’s a culmination of blood, sweat, and tears that leaves us feeling exhausted, fulfilled, and ready to do it again next year.

Outside looking in, we might come off as a large company. Truth is, we really are a group of seven fanatics. In preparation for Black Friday job titles mean nothing, we are all hands on deck, as they say in the Navy. Matt B will be found assembling packages and manning the ship station. Dennis will be picking items from the shelves and fulfilling work orders. Matt H might be answering customer phone calls while building hardware kits. Matty will be dreaming up the next product design while moving pallets about the warehouse. Max & Leah will be discussing the latest and greatest in photography while helping pick packages for shipping and Marcus and Luke will be keeping us all organized as we turn the warehouse into mayhem.

As a small business, Black Friday is a grind, but we love it and wouldn't have it any other way.


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  • Tarkan

    I can’t say enough good things about this company and my interactions with them! Their products are absolutely top notch and the finish on every piece I own which is a lot is Excellent!!! I try to find excuses to buy more products so I sold my F-250 Tremor and bought a Gen3 Raptor lol!! And there ya go!! Keep coming out with fantastic products and you have me as a life long customer and word of mouth salesman!! #builtrightbuiltthebest

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