Turbosmart Ford Raptor Blow Off Valve

Turbosmart Raptor Blow Off Valve Installed

This past week Matt installed Turbosmart's Ford F-150/Raptor Blow Off Valve on our 2023 Raptor Build! This is Turbosmart’s SEMA-Award winning Vee Port EM BOV for Ford 3.5L & 2.7L EcoBoost engines, and it is a very well-engineered part with build quality superior to anything else on the market for the platform. It's physically much sturdier and smaller than the OEM valve, all CNC machined billet as opposed to the OEM's plastic construction. It can handle a lot of extra boost pressure and we’re excited to put it to the test.

Turbosmart Raptor Blow Off Valve VS. Ford OEM Diverter Valve

Turbosmart was kind enough to send us their Plumb Back EM Valve option for Ford 3.5L & 2.7L  Ecoboost engines in addition to the Blow Off Valve. While it arguably makes ‘less-fun sounds’, it still performs worlds better than stock and diverts extra boost pressure back into the system. We decided to install the valve that releases extra pressure to the atmosphere, making some ~ ohh so sweet ~ noises when letting off the skinny pedal... we absolutely love it! As Matt says in the video, we’re recovering Subaru/sport compact addicts, so we had to install the release to atmosphere option and let it sing!

Matt Installing Turbosmart Raptor Blow Off Valve on COBB Tuning Raptor Intercooler

The entire installation process was really straight-forward and took Matt a little under an hour. This is a very plug-and-play upgrade that is not difficult and significantly boosts driving enjoyment and legitimate performance capabilities. To put on the blow off valve we did have to drop the COBB Tuning Factory Location Intercooler we just installed a few videos back, and while we would have loved to install both parts at once, doing them separately allowed us to test our intercooler install for a little while and make sure everything is functioning as intended before adding the BOV. We find that this is always a good rule of thumb for avoiding the mysterious issues that come up when installing a ton of new products all at once.

Matt Working on the BuiltRight Industries 2023 Raptor Build

As you might have discovered over the past 11 episodes of our Raptor Build Series, we aren’t rushing to change every part on this truck. We love the F-150/Raptor platform for what it is and fully intend on upgrading it "responsibly" ... well at least tastefully, making it a badass daily that can handle almost any terrain! We can't wait to get this thing tuned and dialed in once we're done with our performance modifications. Between Turbosmart's Blow Off Valve, the COBB Intercooler and Intake/Scoop (plus the goodies we have coming), this truck is quickly becoming a fun-having beast!

Matt Reinstalling Raptor Skidplate with Turbosmart Blow Off Valve Installed

Watch the Turbosmart BOV Build Episode here:

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