BuiltRight Industries Tech Panels - MOLLE Velcro Panel in 3 Sizes

In an ever-vigilant quest to organize our trucks (and keep them that way), the BuiltRight team had been testing various storage solutions for under the seat bottoms of a truck. Having testing a variety of rigid and soft panels, it was decided that a series of soft velcro panels that could attach to the bottom of the seat using velcro, would be more useful for the greatest number of people. The solution is based on the MOLLE system commonly used in military and tactical gear. Creating a MOLLE velcro panel to attach to the seat was the obvious solution.

A MOLLE Velcro Panel for Everybody

These panels are designed in such a way that they accept any standard MOLLE/PALS attachment, as long as it fits in the space provided below the seat. They're constructed using heavy duty velcro backing and 1000 Denier fabric on the front with 1" nylon webbing spaced to meet the military standard pattern used by MOLLE accessories. After experimenting with different vehicles, it became clear that a single size was great, but three sizes was even better. With this, you can use a small panel in a small space and a larger panel in a larger space. You can also mix and match to fill an irregular space as needed.

Where to use them?

These panels are perfect for under seat storage, but also work very well in the cargo area of most SUVs and station wagons as tie-down points. They can be used to keep a first aid kit in place, paper towel roll, or even your grocery bags.

BuiltRight Industries Tech Panel Attachments

In order to made the Tech Panel system as useful as possible, we've sourced some very high quality accessories as well. Our Web Dominator elastic clips attach to the MOLLE webbing very securely and offer a small elastic bungee to secure small items. We also offer a set of 5 locking carabiner clips, to hold larger items in place without concern that they'll become inadvertently detached from the MOLLE velcro panels.

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