Dave from Mounds View, MN - 2013 F-150 Platinum Supercrew

"Pretty freakin sweet" - Dave

Dave installed a pair of BuiltRight Industries Rear Seat Release kits (link below) on his 2013 F-150 to access the space behind the rear seats for storage. The understated, OEM appearing straps stick up just behind the seat back and allow him to stow his rifle and other valuables inconspicuously while on longer trips, running into the store and so on.

Prior to using the BuiltRight Industries solution, Dave used a zip tie around the release pin to fold down the rear seat of his F-150. Not unlike most of us, Dave loves a good DIY project, but when it came to the interior of his very clean truck, the cost of a BuiltRight kit was a small price to pay to swap the zip ties for a much more reliable, aesthetically pleasing solution.

For more information or to place an order for your truck, visit the page below.

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