COVID-19 Face Shields

Contact if you or somebody you know has an immediate need for face shields. Priority will go to medical workers on the front lines.

In response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, I put our 3D printer to work producing a simple face shield design that’s being used worldwide as a fast-printing but very effective alternative to difficult to find, mass-produced PPE.

After sharing this effort with our BuiltRight community, I received a much larger response than I had anticipated. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the production capability to help as much as it seems it’s needed.

As a result, I’ve ordered additional 3D printers and bulk materials. We should have these printers running by April 8. If these printers work well, I’ll buy as many as we can keep busy producing these face shields.

It’s been suggested and we’ve reached out to a few of the state organizations offering to fund small initiatives like this. I’ve also had a few people ask how they can contribute. Although we’re going to proceed the same way regardless of contribution, if you’d like to help, please feel free to contribute using the link below.


One kit includes five (5) 3D printed frames and (7) clear face shields. Assembly is quick and easy.

This design is based on the 3DVERKSTAN face shield and is optimized for fast production as a stop gap measure, until PPE manufacturers can catch up with demand. Normally, something like this may be disposable, but the materials used can be washed and sanitized for re-use.

Mask frames and shields are handled with care in our facility and shipped in plastic bags, but should be washed/sanitized before use.

Contact to order a kit for the cost of shipping. We are producing the shields at our own expense and shipping all kits via FedEx Express 2-Day Air.