Antenna Recall

BuiltRight Antenna Optional Recall - Anodizing Issues

Well, it happens to the best of us, but my hope is that what sets BuiltRight Industries apart is how it’s handled. Please read below to see how you might be impacted and how we can make it right with you.

When we first made our prototypes for the antennas, we sent them around the country for testing. A few testers noted some discoloration over time, so we worked with our supplier to ensure that it wasn’t an issue with production. The issue was diagnosed as poor sealing after anodization and addressed by our supplier.

Unfortunately, it seems that despite that effort, some production model antennas have been impacted. Rather than asking you to jump through a bunch of the usual warranty-related hoops, I’m going to make replacement antennas (anodized using a new, more competent plating shop) available to anybody that ordered an original before February 6th, 2019, even if you haven’t noticed discoloration but want to be sure you won’t in the future. I’m not going to ask you to return the original antenna because I know that’s a pain and I can’t rework them since the stud is already installed permanently. My request is that you destroy and dispose of your original if you receive a replacement, so that we can get these faded, ugly antennas carrying the BuiltRight name out of circulation.

Replacement antennas are currently being machined. I’ve also pulled our inventory that hasn’t been fully assembled and will be having them stripped and re-plated. This process will take about a week, so please expect a lead time of around 10 business days to receive your replacement. To place your replacement order, please complete checkout ($0.00) with the recall product on this page. You’re welcome to add anything else to your cart like normal, if you’d like.

Thank you very much for your patience. Our reputation and your customer experience are priceless to us, so please know that we’ll do whatever it takes to make things right with you, our valued customers.


Matt Beenen, Owner