09-14 F-150 Bedside Rack System

2009 - 2014 Ford F-150/Raptor Bedside Racks

Following the release of our 2015+ Ford F-150 Bedside Rack System and the subsequent outpouring of requests for a 2009 - 2014 F-150/Raptor kit, we got right to work. Described below, this kit is the result of a 6mo design and development process, the primary challenge being securely mounting the racks to the bedside without the same robust mounting features that the 2015 and newer F-150/Raptor has from the factory. The solution was to rely on the bed rail, a rigid mounting point utilized by many other aftermarket accessories.

Skip right to the video below if you'd prefer an admittedly boring, but informational, 15min overview from the designer!

Customer Bedside Rack Photos:

The Problem

The justification for the BuiltRight Bedside Rack System is simple. Many of us want to carry a variety of gear on a daily basis, but don't want to impede the functionality of the vehicle as a pickup truck. The Bedside Racks offer a universal mounting solution for tools, accessories, gear, etc along the sides of the inside of the truck bed, without occupying any of the valuable square footage in your bed.

The Design

Design of the BuiltRight Bedside Rack System follows the same basic process that the rest of our products experience. First, we develop concepts, which in this case, required some creative thinking and resulted in using the bed rail as an additional mounting point. From here, the bed of the truck is 3D scanned to verify mounting locations, and a design is cooked up in CAD. Prototypes are 3D printed and laser cut and then tested for fit, durability and ease of installation.

The Manufacturing

Once a final design is chosen and revised as necessary, production begins. Each rack panel and bracket is laser cut or CNC punched where tooling allows, before being CNC formed, inspected and then powdercoated. The resulting parts fit perfectly and have a durable finish that will hold up to years of use, which is the reason that we're happy to extend our Lifetime Warranty on all BuiltRight Industries products. Built right, BuiltRight, get it?


Installation is a part of the design process often overlooked. Being that BuiltRight was founded by enthusiasts, we have an intimate appreciation for well-fitting parts that install as expected and a distain for products that may fit, but are extremely difficult to install. We roll these experiences into our design process to ensure an installation that is as straight-forward as possible. Check out the installation overview in the comprehensive overview video below.

Recommended Accessories

Each kit includes the following:

  • Left and right rear panels (larger) with brackets
  • Left and right front panels (smaller) with brackets
  • All required mounting hardware for brackets
  • Optional bed rail clamps (you choose quantity)

Ordering Process:

This is simple! We build these kits in batches. If there's no notice when you visit the product page, then the kits are in stock and will ship immediately. If the product page (link to the right) has a notice stating an estimated ship date, then that is when you can reasonably expect your order to ship. Contact us with any questions!

Note: The system mounts using tonneau cover clamps. If you have a tonneau cover, it's likely that you'll just need four additional clamps. If you don't have a cover (or topper), you may need all eight clamps. You're also free to provide your own clamps. Select 0, 4 or 8 as the clamp quantity needed.