Bedside Rack System - Driver&
Bedside Rack System - Driver&
Bedside Rack System - Driver&
Bedside Rack System - Driver&
Bedside Rack System - Driver&
Bedside Rack System - Driver&
Bedside Rack System - Driver&
Bedside Rack System - Driver&

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Bedside Rack System - Driver's Rear Panel | Jeep Gladiator (2020-2021)

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  • Made in USA, Lifetime Warranty
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Just because you have a lot of gear, doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of mess. While standard storage might not cut it, the BuiltRight Industries Bedside Rack System can. Using the same factory mounting points, the rack system installs to keep your gear organized, easily accessible and secure. They work with all MOLLE/PALS accessories in addition to universal slots for all kinds of storage possibilities. Proudly made in USA with a Lifetime Warranty.


Product development began with a 3D scan of the Gladiator bed and moved quickly into the first of six prototype kits. We use a combination of experience (military weapon system design, vehicle component engineering), computer aided analysis (known as FEA) and mostly importantly, good old fashioned test miles to revise and refine the design. In the pursuit of the best possible solution, we set no deadlines and aren’t afraid to make dramatic design changes and it shows in the finished product.

Each panel is manufactured using cutting edge CNC equipment and high-quality domestic materials. A sheet of 1/8in steel plate is fed into a combination turret punch and laser. The turret punch uses custom tooling to punch burr-free rectangular and slotted features into the panel before the laser cuts the more complex profiles. You’ll notice that out panels feature no 90 degree corners or sharp angles. This is to allow the panel to transfer load into the bedside while minimizing stress concentrations. The combination of manufacturing processes is a perfect fit for this design. Finally, each panel is CNC formed and inspected before heading out for a durable black texture powder coat.

  • Keep gear safe, secure and organized for when you need it most.
  • Each panel features our usual pattern of MIL-STD MOLLE rectangles and oversized 1/4in slots, perfect for attaching clamps and accessories easily, with any hole spacing, using 1/4in carriage bolts
  • Driver side and passenger side rear panels offer clearance for the tie-down loop Passenger side panel has cutout for bed power outlet (available on some models)
  • Patented U.S. Patent No. 10,933,796 B2, additional patents pending


  • Jeep Gladiator JT (2019 - current)
  • It’s addressed in the installation section below, but installation will require the OEM Trail Rail System or the 2020 Jeep Gladiator Utility Rail BuiltRight Utility Rail System


The BuiltRight Bedside Rack System for the Jeep Gladiator mounts directly to the factory Trail Rail system or using our Utility Rail System (coming soon). Non-invasive installation keeps OEM Trail Utility Rail in it’s original location, ensuring that it’s load capacity isn’t reduced and preserving stock rail location/spacing for current and future accessories. Simply place the T-Slot nuts into the rail, move the panel into place and use the included hardware to fasten the panel to the rail. Larger panels will also use a lower mounting point, near the tie-down loop, for additional rigidity.


The Design Process

BuiltRight is an engineering company before all else and we're obsessed with great mechanical design. Each product has a story of ideas, innovation and iteration until it's just right.

Built Right, Right Here

It's in the name. Our mission is to build great products using the best materials and processes every single day. We don't cut corners to save money or compromise to save time. We build things right and we stand behind them. Our no-BS Lifetime Warranty stands behind them as well.

We Throw Tools

We're wrench turning, beer drinking guys just like you and we've been known to throw the occasional tool or four letter word when an install is needlessly difficult. We only design parts for trucks that we own and we work hard to spare you the busted knuckles and frustrating nights in the garage.

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